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Leadership Embodiment


Leadership Embodiment draws on the traditions of Aikido – a revolutionary non-aggressive martial art and mindfulness practice to offer simple yet deep techniques that help you recognize how your mind and body habitually react to pressure, and to access more skillful and unified responses.

Leadership Embodiment teaches us to re-center ourselves, especially under daily pressures like conflicts, deadlines or a very successful project.

Centering will in turn re-balance our inner state of being, emotionally and mentally. It enables us to communicate confidence, compassion and clarity by consciously re-aligning our physical posture in all circumstances.

For an introduction to Leadership Embodiment, please watch this video here:

Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals is a comprehensive 3 level process that guides you to increase your capacity to be powerful and collaborative.

Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals (Level 1)


Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals offers participants an introduction to LE practices and principals. Through simple exercises that apply light pressure, we are able to recognize the patterns that arise when we are under pressure.

Once we are familiar with our pattern, we apply centering practices to help us shift to a more creative, compassionate and skillful state.

Leadership Embodiment Intermediate (Level 2)


Leadersip Embodiment Intermediate works with more complex issues such as uncertainty in decision-making and unconscious resistance to success. You will learn more practices that strengthen your capacity for inclusiveness, speaking up and centered listening.



The Retreat is an opportunity to come together with the community for more intensive practice of the LE work. Wendy Palmer, the founder of LE is the lead instructor for all retreats. The retreat intensive involves sitting meditation practices and LE exercises.

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