Executive Coaching



Executive Coaching


You are Director, General Manager, divisional manager, business executive, company owner... and you want to better manage your business by developing your "emotional intelligence" or by working in a more coordinated way, involving your wholebody.

You want to be able to rely more on your intuition, harness the hidden power of your emotions, get in touch with your body to get the story behind your gut feelings or felt senses. You also desire to work with less stress and to enjoy a higher level of energy... in everything you do !

To good to be true ? This is to what the coaching approach we have developed based on of Focusing leads to. This approach uses a simple six steps approach that lets you get in touch with your body to listen to the often hidden and subtle messages it is ready to give you. The regular practice of this sort of inner listening enables you to be better in touch with yourself, to understand better the direction to take in your life and business and to free energy from stressful events and decisions.

Our Coaches can help you achieve your objectives or sort out a specific issue you are facing by respecting fully your confidentiality and by putting you in charge of the process.

Coaching can be used in Business in the following fields :


    • Communicate more clearly by developing more clarity on your ideas or messages.
    • Better understand the viewpoint of another while keeping a eye on your interests.
    • Speak more easily in front of a large audience or when talking about important matters.
    • Be able to manage your energy and time better to handle the important tasks quickly.
    • Reinforce your personal motivation.
    • Improve relationship dynamics with colleagues, clients or suppliers.
    • Develop coordination and communication within a close team of workers.
    • Handle difficult personalities with more confidence.
    • Manage difficult situations more easily.
    • Make better decisions using your intuition ("gut feeling").
    • Sell better to clients.
    • Negotiate more easily with suppliers.
    • Lead people in a more natural way and understand why listening is an act of leadership.
    • Develop your own leadership based on your natural way.
  • ...

How does our approach work ?


Our approach based on a method called "Focusing" lets you discover your inner coach and put you in contact with the intelligence of your body to help you get an answer to the issue you are bringing. You are all the time in charge of the process. Our coaches or trainers are here to help you facilitate your own process by using specific facilitating listening skills. If you wish, it is even possible to use Focusing without having to talk about the content of what you are bringing.

Executive coach


Olivier Gourmet,Senior business consultant specialized in strategy, business re-organization and organizational development. Certified Focusing Trainer and Certifying Coordinator for the International Focusing Institute. Olivier uses Focusing with managers and executives in coaching and training sessions for leadership development.

In practice


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